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Sapa bilang, Indonesia ga punya komik ato manga yang bisa dibanggakan? If you say so, then check this out… it GARUDAYANA COMIC.

Sedangkan untuk videonya bisa di lihat disini

So,  ayo kita meriahkan dunia komik dengan karya-karya anak bangsa Indonesia!!




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Akumetsu’s plot begins with a teenager by the name of Shou Hazama, an ordinary, yet somehow comical and sleazy, high-school student, and his best friend Shiina Nagasawa.

The setup for the story is a near-future Japan, where excessive corruption and speculation lead the country to a massive economic downfall, increasing the public deficit to an enormous seven hundred trillion Yen. Politicians and businessmen simply enrich themselves amid growing unrest. Shiina’s family, due to crushing debts, sell their daughter into prostitution, forcing her to attend parties for the elite.

Iron Man: Extremis

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“Extremis” was the first Iron Man story arc after the “Disassembled” story lines (which ran through various Marvel comics, but mainly affected the Avengers), as well as the first story arc of the fourth volume of Iron Man overall.

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Iron Man: Extremis #1
Iron Man: Extremis #2
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