It’s about me and you…

Within 3 years, my life has changes a lot and absolutely different from the others. Especially, last year. I get married with a beautiful women I love, have a baby (lately) and finally found my new world in the internet.

I’m kind of person who like to hear others problems, share and tries to solve as possible I could. Some people says it’s just a wasting time, I say, it’s a precious thing happen to my life, hearing many things happen to others.

Actually I got many experience by just hearing to their problems, many of it could be happen too with us. So, when I get intention with the problems, it just like that I’m the one whose having it. And it help me a lot, because I will be prepare in the future, just says that I get the same problem, I will be ready facing it.

  1. Assalamu’alaikum.
    Ini bung nadhare anak baypas juga kan??
    Salam kenal.
    Jangan lupa mampir ke blog ane ye… 🙂

  2. Wa’alaikum Salam.
    He he bener nih mas… ini emang nadhare yg sama di baypas forum…:D
    Salam kenal juga yach… sayang ane jarang nongol lg di BP hi hi.. sibuk ma kerjaan nih :p
    ntar mampir kok k blog nya..

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